We’d like to renew the St. Andrew’s music worship experience. Do you, family members or friends have musical talents? Vocal…instrumental…We’d love to hear from you. Do you have ideas or suggestions about an upcoming Sunday service or other occasions? If you don’t speak Latvian, that’s fine. Many services are now in Latvian and English due to our changing demographics.

Maybe you sang with friends in a folk group or play some guitar or know someone who’s got some other musical interest that should be shared. We’re open to many musical styles and abilities. We need your help in order to enrich our church life. We understand how busy everyone is. We have the same pressures. But we know that our extended Latvian Canadian community has many hidden talents. We encourage you to think about the joy and musical diversity you can help bring to a church service or event.

Please feel free to contact myself or David Smits (contact info above) to share your ideas or get more information.

Vaira Gertners
Choir/Song Leader
St Andrews

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