Sveiki, Sv. Andreja draudzes locekļi!

Hoping you are all keeping well in these unusual times, and I’m sure we are all awaiting some nicer weather to arrive as well!

In previous years May has signalled the unofficial opening of Sidrabene for cottagers and the Church congregation. Unfortunately, this year Sidrabene is currently operating under the Covid-19 (coronavirus) guidelines, which have disrupted most of the familiar conditions.
The situation is still the same as was outlined in an e-mail sent out by Pārvalde on April 9th (see below). Here is a quick recap of what to expect:

  • The gate continues to be padlocked 24/7; you will need to manage entry & exit of any visitors to your cottage by personally relocking the gate each time.
  • No persons will be at the Gatehouse monitoring entry (no Gate Duty for now) or checking season passes; all Leaseholders were sent a season pass.
  • All facilities are still locked down, including: Pool, Tuck Shop, Pavilion, SudrabKalns (main building), CāļuKalns (Children’s camp building), Ķemeri, Ambulance, playgrounds and equipment; access may be restored when government changes are announced.
  • Public washroom just past the left of the Gatehouse will be closedin accordance with extensive cleaning regulations that we cannot provide.
  • External camps and Sidrabene children’s camp are currently on hold and in all likely-hood will not run this year.
  • Use of grounds for walks, jogging, bike riding etc. is permitted while respecting physical distancing for persons not members of your “household”.
  • Church members with a key are welcome to use the grounds as they choose (respecting Covid-19 guidelines that prohibit gatherings of more than 5 persons.
  • Purchase of additional gate padlock keys is not available at this time.
  • Regretfully there areno planned annual events such as the Opening Social, or any type of Jāņi “open gate” celebrations, Irish nights, horseshoe and bocce tourneys, concerts or other public gatherings for the time being.
  • “Talka” days are still required for ALL Leaseholders on an individual basis, and work to be done can be arranged with Andy Grīnbergs directly.

Thank you for your patience and consideration in the above. Any changes announced by the Ontario and regional governments that impact how we currently operate Sidrabene will be closely monitored and adhered to with updates sent to the Sidrabene and church community.

Mart Mežulis
Sidarabenes Pārvalde 2020

E-mail sent on April 9th:

If you are planning to come to your cottage and/or are planning to have non-family members visit you while you are at your cottage, you need to be aware that the Guidelines posted by the City of Burlington and the Ontario government both apply within the Sidrabene property.

More detailed information from the Ontario government can be found at this link:

City of Burlington guidelines:

Physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most important steps everyone needs to take. The COVID-19 virus doesn’t move on its own; it needs people to move it. To discourage people from gathering and to help reduce the transmission of the virus, the City of Burlington is closing all vehicular access to our parks. Only walking, jogging, riding a bike or scooter/wheelchair through a park or trail is permitted. Remember to keep 2 metres away from others – about the length of a hockey stick. The best thing residents can do to protect themselves and the community, is stay home.

All amenities in our parks have already been closed, please continue to respect the caution tape and keep off of playgrounds, sports fields, skateboard areas, te

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