No matter whether someone has died suddenly, or you have been prepared for it for some time, whether they are young or old, the death of someone close is a major challenge for the family. This is one of those times when the pastor can be of particular help.

Please call the pastor on his mobile phone (416-884-6211) before you book a date/time with the funeral home. The pastor will set a time to meet with your family to discuss the funeral.

Here are some things you might like to think about before you meet with the pastor:

  • Will the congregation be singing? Is there any particular song you might like?
  • Was their any kind of music that would seem particularly appropriate?
  • Would a family member like to give a eulogy?
  • Is there any organization that should be notified and might like to say some words of appreciation?
  • How much of the service will be in English? Even if all the service is in English, the pastor will be leading certain parts in Latvian, out of respect for your deceased one’s heritage: the Creed, the blessing, the committal at the graveside, the Lord’s Prayer.

You and your deceased family member will be prayed for in church on the Sunday following.

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