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Giving back to the congregation, and to other charitable causes is the way we respond to God’s generosity. It’s a marker of how we prioritize and what our level of commitment is to our congregation.

The traditional way of looking at financial support for your congregation is to tithe, the Old Testament principle of giving ten percent. Instead, we suggest the following: start by donating the equivalent of one hour’s income per week to church. If you’re retired, an equivalent amount, 2.5% from your retirement income.*

Curiously, we have found that the more generous you are, the more joyfully you give, and the greater the sense of connection to St Andrew’s.

We encourage donating by regular, monthly withdrawals directly from your bank account. An increasing number of our members are doing so and find it a wonderful way of helping contribute to the work of the congregation on an ongoing basis. The button for the donation form is below.

Please let us know if you are in financial difficulties and not able to support us.

* We thank Peter Misaszek, director of Stewardship Development, Diocese of Toronto, Anglican Church of Canada, for this approach and for graciously giving us permission to share it with you.

Thank you!

I thank God for you—the God I serve with a clear conscience, just as my ancestors did. Night and day I constantly remember you in my prayers.

– 2 Timothy 1:3

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