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Thinking about becoming a member is a sign that you have picked up God’s signals to you: you want to explore how God fits into your life and think a relationship with our community might help you discover more. We welcome you on our journey of questioning, learning, and helping make this a better, more caring world.

The next step is to send the completed member form to us. The pastor will then contact you to set up a time for meeting together and telling you more about us and what membership involves.

Here are some questions that enquirers have put to us together with some answers.

I’m not completely sure what church is about: is there a place for me at St. Andrew’s?

Absolutely. We want you to feel free to ask questions. At St. Andrew’s we acknowledge that we are all at different stages on a journey of discovering why we’re here as individuals. We all want to be better people, to have inner peace, and feel joy in our lives. But we know we find this by letting others experience dignity, compassion and kindness in our relationships with them. You may feel called by a need to address matters of injustice in society by helping. All this is a sign of God’s Spirit of love and grace moving within us. This is where church comes in.

There are many ways we try to put this into practice as a community: have a look under the “Volunteer” button, but you may have other ideas. Do share them with us.

Can I bring my non-Latvian family and friends?

St. Andrew’s has always seen itself as a family consisting primarily of people of Latvian heritage. Yet we are more than just a group of fine people with common roots. It is God’s call in Christ to follow him, to take the light of hope into the world that unites us and shapes our identity. Everyone who feels a call to join our community is warmly welcomed.

Church usually seems to be for older people. Would my children be welcome?

Yes, and single parents, children, and frazzled parents. Adults without children. Grandparents. Seniors. Young people. The lost. The found. God’s regular, ordinary people. All are welcome!

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