In Jesus we get a human sense of God. One of his most noticeable attibutes is compassion. No matter when or where someone needs help, healing, or even practical support, Jesus provides it. We do the same every time we put our concerns to one side to be fully present for someone, to listen to them, or to provide a gesture of solidarity.

In St Andrew’s pastoral care of those seeking support is assigned to the pastor. These conversations are confidential, unless the person intends to do harm to themselves or someone else.

Please contact the pastor directly if you feel she might be the right person to listen.

Additionally, these are times when we encourage you to let the pastor know that support is needed:

  • If someone has been admitted to hospital so the pastor can visit.
  • If you have received a challenging diagnosis
  • If someone close to you is dying
  • If someone close to you has died.

Powers of attorney

If you are power of attorney for someone no longer able to live in their own home, or being transferred to another residence, please let the office know the new address so our information can be up to date.