ESTDOCS 2015 presents POSTLUDES, a film about the St. Andrew’s Church organ


Sunday, October 18 at 7:00 pm
Tartu College, 310 Bloor St. W.
(a film about the 100 year-old organ at St. Andrew’s, including an interview with organist Davids Smits)

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DIRECTOR | Kalle Kadakas
YEAR | 2015
LENGTH | 69 minutes
LANGUAGE | Estonian, English, w/ English subtitles


Postludes is an amateur archival, cultural and musical film of the 100-year-old, three-manual, 52-register, 3157-pipe Casavant Frères organ belonging to the St. Andrew’s Estonian/Latvian Lutheran Church in Toronto. Ninety-nine-year-old maestro Roman Toi plays it with boyish bravado.

The film makers portray moments of the evolution of this organ, through testimonials of organists throughout its 65 years in the congregations of the church. By 2014, the congregations have dwindled and the building has been sold. Time has come for a new congregation to take over.

Does a new age change old traditions? Whether the organ will continue to be used as before remains a hope, but not a promise.


Sunday, October 18, 3:00pm at Tartu College

DIRECTOR | Helga Merits
YEAR | 2015
LENGTH | 53 minutes
LANGUAGE | Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, English, w/ English subtitles

In a totally devastated northern German city during the fall of 1945, refugee professors of the Baltic countries that had lost everything created a university. Without a penny to their name, their idea miraculously became a plan for the Baltic University, which in March 1946 opened its doors.

The story of the Baltic University is told by former students of the three Baltic countries through interviews, rare footage, documents and photos which reconstruct a picture of a unique institute that should not be forgotten.


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